Home Business Evan Rubinson Discusses How He Creates a Strong Work Culture Within His Business 

Evan Rubinson Discusses How He Creates a Strong Work Culture Within His Business 

by Conor Adan

Evan Rubinson has built many successful brands, including ERA Music. One of the things that he attributes to his success is the team of employees that surrounds him. Mr. Rubinson believes that the world is rapidly evolving and changing, and as it does, workplace culture is changing as well. One of the biggest changes that he thinks that business owners need to embrace is focusing on a strong work culture. Here are a few of the different ways he implements a strong workplace culture into his business and why he finds it so important.

Evan Rubinson feels that one of the most important things that employers can do right now is to build a strong workplace culture. Having a strong workplace culture helps in a number of different ways. First off, employees are more happy when they feel like they are part of a team, instead of being micromanaged. Happier employees generally increase their productivity and are more likely to stay with a company. High employee turnover can cost a business time and money, so having employees who are generally happy within their workplace, with their co-workers and with their boss is beneficial.

Now that you know why creating a strong work culture is so important, you may be asking yourself how you get there. Evan Rubinson says that one of the most important ways to build a strong work culture is to ensure that you yourself, as a business owner, as well as your management staff, are all approachable and human. When you walk into your business, you want your employees to feel comfortable approaching you, greeting you, and interacting with you. You do not want your employees to dread seeing you or feel anxious or overwhelmed.

Another tip that Evan Rubinson has for creating a strong work culture is to listen to your employees and what their specific needs are. Each and every employee is different, and their needs differ. For example, Mr. Rubinson states that he had an employee who had cancer. They created a work from home plan specifically for this employee, ensuring the employee could remain productive, while still being kept free from germs and viruses that could be present in a crowded office. Being flexible and helping your employees succeed, rather than being rigid, can pay off and help create employee loyalty.

Evan Rubinson believes that when you treat employees like adults and give them some flexibility in the workplace, you create a friendly workplace and one that employees will enjoy working at. However, Mr. Rubinson also wants to caution you that there are some people who will push your boundaries no matter how nice you try to be. As such, you do need to enforce boundaries when necessary. Finding this perfect balance can be tough, but if you can achieve it, you can create a great place for employees to work, and this can benefit your brand and your business.

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