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Kevin Modany Shares Best Practices for Success as an Executive Consultant

by Conor Adan

As the Managing Director at Bluerock Partners, Kevin Modany has had his fair share of strenuous days at the office. Working in a competitive business landscape as an executive consultant requires a constant focus on improvement and tailoring daily duties to the best practices that the business allows for.

Utilizing his history of success in the field, Kevin Modany developed his series of Best Practices for his followers to adhere to. Breaking down his methods, Kevin Modany took some time to guide others looking to enter the field of Executive Consultancy.

What Is an Executive Consultant?

An Executive Consultant is a professional with advanced skills, ethics, and talents. These individuals work closely with top-level executives as they seek to untangle issues, cut through problems, and develop better practices to uplift their business going forward. Executive consultants like Kevin Modany work tirelessly to bring their best practices to every interaction.

Kevin Modany’s Best Practices as an Executive Consultant

Executive Consultant Kevin Modany has been plying his trade in the field for over a decade. Over that period, he has developed techniques that he finds enormously influential, irrespective of his client.

Here are Modany’s best practices for success as an executive consultant.

  1. Design & Organization – Executive consultants should work hard to ensure their operations reflect their professional values. Consultants should operate transparently during the entire process.
  2. Value-Focused Approach – Executive consultants like Kevin Modany are focused on developing businesses with their core values and mission statements as a through line of the process. These values serve as guidelines for making decisions.
  3. Define Problems – Executive consultants can analyze and thoroughly define a problem and the factors that may lead toward a solution. In financial settings, Modany will look for the reasons for a problem’s manifestation before resolving the issues.
  4. Clear Communication – The job of an executive consultant revolves around their ability to clearly and cleanly communicate ideas. Consultants maintain clean lines of communication to assess and resolve problems as they manifest.
  5. Data-Driven Analysis – Finally, Kevin Modany firmly embraces the role of data in making decisions as an executive consultant. While soft skills are essential, complex data helps to identify natural and practical solutions. Modany says, “There’s a plethora of data. People are collecting more of it.”

By developing a series of best practices, executive consultants like Kevin Modany can create consistent routines that uplift and produce better client outcomes. While each client will mandate a different approach, they all have a foundational approach that Kevin Modany advocates. With that being said, Modany understands that the industry is constantly in flux and that being able to fine-tune solutions on the go is a necessary trait to develop.

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