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Alejandro Pena of Keter Group Emphasizes the Importance of ESG and Sustainability Efforts

by Conor Adan

Alejandro Pena is the CEO and leader at Keter Group, a position he has held since he was introduced to it in 2017. Pena has been pivotal in helping to grow Keter beyond its borders in Israel as it fosters an expansion into markets out West, throughout Europe, and into Asia. Keter has long been known for producing sustainable home and garden goods using recyclable resin materials.

Keter’s CEO, Alejandro Pena, a leader in sustainability and environmentalism, has been front and center during the company’s focus on ESG efforts. Pena continues to make ESG efforts a cornerstone of what the business aspires to accomplish, so let’s take a closer look at how he plans to make that happen.

Leading the Charge

Since its inception, Keter Group has taken pride in connecting customers with products that can fulfill their needs without breaking the bank. Keter has done this by emphasizing local production and facilitating the use of a sustainable resin material that looks great, lasts a long time, and can be utilized repeatedly through recycling.

Pena believes Keter is a leader in the industry when setting the stage as a steward of the environment. Pena said, “One of our responsibilities is not just to our shareholders, but to the communities that we are in and to the environment and world that we live in.”

Alejandro Pena has made it a large part of his focus as CEO to emphasize the importance of sustainability while ushering it throughout the company. Pena added, “Not only because it is the right thing to do, but because I also believe that it will be a source of competitive advantage over the long term.”

Pena’s insistence on competitive advantage is backed by statistical research. A study by the University of Pennsylvania, sponsored by First Insight and the Bank Retailing Center, discovered that Generation X shoppers would spend more on a product if it were produced sustainably.

The CEO of Keter added, “We will continue to see markets evolve where consumers are going to increasingly become more and more aware of what’s good for the environment and what’s good for the world we live in.”

A Pledge to the Future

Even though Keter has been around for a long time, Alejandro Pena still thinks the best is yet to come for the business. A recent environmental sustainability report by Keter Group showed that significant progress had been made. Pena touched on the ESG while discussing his thoughts on the future.

Pena said of the ESG report released by Keter, “I think the impact has been very positive, both internally and externally.”

The CEO of Keter would go on to highlight the efforts made by the company in taking carbon out of its manufacturing processes. Pena would discuss how the ESG report was a glue to bring his team together over something they are proud of.

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