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Acclaimed Criminal Attorneys in San Marcos Texas

by Conor Adan

When accused of a criminal offense, it is crucial to find a highly skilled lawyer as soon as possible to allow for enough time to craft the perfect defense strategy. While finding the right lawyer is known to be a laborious and around-the-clock process, a select few criminal attorneys in San Marcos Texas stand out among the area’s oversaturated options. Here’s a list of some of the most effective and renowned criminal attorneys in San Marcos Texas to provide you with peace of mind and a not-guilty verdict.

Jeffery Connelly of Cofer and Connelly:

Jeffery Connelly is an experienced trial lawyer with extensive courtroom knowledge as a former assistant district attorney. Connelly is the leader of Cofer and Connelly’s civil litigation practice but is also known to be among the best criminal attorneys in San Marcos Texas, with hundreds of hours of trial experience in criminal cases from criminal shootings to domestic violence and rape. Connelly and the criminal defense attorneys at Cofer and Connelly are known for their diligence and will get right to work on strategies that, depending on the case, could jumpstart the bail bonding process or work towards a dismissal. As a third-generation trial lawyer, Connelly knows the importance of success and is well prepared to represent his clients in court and win, as illustrated by his combined dismissal and acquittal rate being above 90%. Connelly is also well known for his community service and is an avid environmentalist serving on the Board of Directors of the Hill Country Conservancy where he aids in the preservation of Texas’ natural resources. For his top-notch representation, Connelly has received the Austin Chronicles “Best of Austin” award for Best Lawyer in both 2021 and 2022.


Case Darwin of The Law Office of Chase J. Darwin:

With over a decade of litigation experience and a background as a former prosecutor, Case Darwin is a well-respected lawyer who handles a range of felony and misdemeanor charges including assault charges, drug crimes, arson, capital murder charges, and more. Darwin believes in an earnest approach to representation and uses his fluency in both Spanish and English to help his clients navigate their complicated legal issues. Darwin is dedicated to criminal defense, and will complementarity expunge or seal a client’s records if it is possible to do so. Darwin has a number of shining testimonials and has received praise for his trial preparedness and meticulous understanding of his client’s cases. Darwin has been recognized for extensive accomplishments in Central Texas’ criminal law sector and has received honors such as being named 2016’s Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio by Expertise based upon six categories including reputation, credibility, experience, availability, professionalism, and client engagement.

Benjamin Michael of Michael and Associates:

Benjamin Michael is an accomplished attorney who has specialized in criminal law for nearly a decade, representing thousands of clients charged with anything from a traffic violation to drug possession, assault and battery, and burglary. Michael is known for giving his clients what he calls the white glove treatment. Michael and Associates take on a limited number of cases allowing for the intimacy of a smaller practice where Michael can devote individualized care to representing each of his clients, taking the time to walk them through all of the details of the legal process and their case. Michael has a specific focus on DWI cases with a specialty in defending individuals on their second DWI charge where he regularly gets charges dismissed and teaches clients the local DWI laws so they can safely continue driving. Michael does his best to make the criminal justice process as painless as possible and will try his hardest to keep his client’s cases out of court. Michael was also named a 2018 rising star by the American Institute of Legal Advocates for his exceptional work as a criminal attorney in San Marcos.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to picking the perfect legal representation, there is little room for error. For those unsure of how to begin their search for criminal attorneys in San Marcos Texas, this vetted list of professionals is a surefire starting point. Don’t hesitate to call any one of these three for a consultation today!

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