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Can You Get Monetary Compensation After a Car Accident?

by Conor Adan

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, a car accident can change your life upside down. Things can take a wrong turn, from incurring damages to your vehicle to getting physical injuries for a lifetime. However, many victims bear the cost of all the expenses alone without realizing that they can file for compensation if the accident occurred due to someone else’s carelessness. 

For example, you can hold them accountable if you were driving in your lane without violating the traffic law and someone else’s overspeeding or drunk driving led to an accident. Although it sounds easy to get compensation, you will have to go through the insurance company’s legal procedure to get financial compensation. Therefore, before you proceed, discuss all the details with Atlanta auto accident attorneys, who can help you understand all the aspects of your case. 

How long can you file for compensation?

Every state has different laws. However, you can file for compensation with the insurance company within two years from the accident date. Once the statute of limitation is passed, you will no longer be eligible for filing a claim. 

Remember, the insurance companies set legal terms and conditions for handing over your compensation. A victim cannot simply go to the insurance company and tell them that they incurred damages and injuries due to someone else. Additionally, you need to provide evidence supporting your claim, including pictures and videos from the accident scene, witness testimony, doctor’s reports, etc. Without sufficient evidence, the insurance company will deny giving you compensation. 

Once you have provided the evidence, the insurance company will investigate your case with other experts. Sometimes accident reconstruction experts will also come into the case to determine liability. 

Stay away from the company’s traps. 

If the insurance company identifies that you were not to blame for the accident, they will go beyond their ways to give you as little compensation as possible. Usually, the insurance company rolls out the first settlement offer, which is lower than you deserve. 

If you accept the first settlement offer by the insurance company, you will no longer be eligible to ask for higher compensation ahead. Often, victims settle for the first settlement offer and later realize that their injuries and damages are worth more than the insurance company offered. In such cases, the victims do not have a choice to reapply for compensation or ask for a higher amount. Therefore, it is essential to take the assistance of a car accident attorney who can guide you in your case. 

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