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7 steps that matter after a car accident in Philadelphia

by Conor Adan

Car crashes and accidents are not unusual on Pennsylvania roads. Pennsylvania follows a unique “choice” no-fault car insurance system. How do you recover losses after a car crash in Philadelphia? Typically, you will file an insurance claim with your insurer to recover compensation for your losses. If you had purchased “Limited Tort” coverage, you could seek compensation from the other party, but only for economic losses, such as medical bills. Also, what you do after an auto accident is important for your claim. Working with one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help you understand your case better. Here are some steps to follow right after the crash. 

  1. Check if someone needs help and call 911. Don’t delay calling emergency medical services if someone is injured. Also, do not undermine your injuries. If you have pain, check with an injury doctor without delay. 
  2. Call the local police. Always call the police after an accident, no matter the fault or other factors. Wait for the investigating/responding officer to arrive at the scene. If it is safe, move your car to avoid blocking traffic. Also, try and get a copy of the police report. 
  3. Note down everything. This may seem banal but always write down what happened before, during, and after the accident. It is very common for people to forget things later, especially the minute details. 
  4. Take photos. If you have a phone, take pictures of the accident scene, including your vehicle and injuries. Capture a few videos if you can. These pictures and videos can work as evidence for your claim. 
  5. Keep track of the expenses. You will most likely have to pay for your medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other expenses. Keep the bills and invoices for all your spending, which you need to share with your attorney. 
  6. Call a lawyer. Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations allows you to bring a personal injury lawsuit within two years from the accident date. Make sure that you call an attorney soon. A skilled lawyer can evaluate your case and determine the further course of action. 
  7. Finally, make sure that you don’t deal directly with the insurance company. Do NOT admit fault, even if you believe that you were partly to blame for the crash. Also, do not engage in confrontation at the accident scene and let your lawyer talk to the claims adjuster. 

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