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Revitalize Your Time And Attendance Process With A Time Card App

by Conor Adan

Keeping track of employee work hours and attendance is a time-consuming and frustrating process for most employers. Having to keep up with who’s there, how many hours they’ve worked, who’s scheduled for which shift, all of these things and more without the proper technology can feel nearly impossible. If you’re still tracking time and attendance manually, then it’s time to breathe new life into your time tracking and attendance process with a time card app.

With all the automation and various features that the time keeper app brings to the table, you can take a lot of the hassle and extra labor out of time and attendance tracking and put it to much better use. Not only will you save countless hours with a time card app, but you’ll also boost productivity and use fewer resources than tracking things manually.

Secure and Standardize the Clock In Process

Part of the problem with team time tracking is that old-school time clocks are bulky and inconvenient. You often have to have everyone come to one location, which can lead to crowding, or buy and place multiple time clocks in numerous locations, which can be equally frustrating.

Not only that, there are no security features that prevent employees from fraudulently clocking in or out for themselves or others. This can lead to massive amounts of time theft. There’s also no real way to oversee the process to tell who is doing the clocking in and out without having managers waste loads of time supervising the job clock.

A time card app can be used from any location and device with an internet connection; including an employee’s mobile device. This makes clocking in and out much simpler and less likely to cause problems. Also, each employee’s ID or clock in is unique and can’t be copied by another employee so that buddy punching and much of the potential for time fraud is eliminated.

Everything is tracked automatically and in real-time, eliminating the need for managerial oversight.

Track Attendance in Real-Time

Keeping track of who shows up for their shift can be complicated by manual means because it requires someone to monitor who has punched in. Manual oversight means a lot of lost productivity. Even if you manage to track attendance accurately, there’s no way to make adjustments or find out why an employee is absent or how often without a lot of work.

A timesheet management app tracks attendance information automatically and shows who has clocked in or out in real-time. Real-time tracking makes it easy for management to tell at a glance who is and isn’t present. There is even the ability to set reminders so that managers know if an employee is frequently absent and address the issue.

Low attendance can cause problems with your business; tracking it in real-time allows for making adjustments and fixing potential issues before they become too severe. Employees can even request time off through the ​​time and attendance app rather than just be absent, which can reduce unexpected absences.

Set Boundaries and Controls for Employees

A time card app gives employees more freedom to clock in and do their work, but businesses can also use them to ensure that employees stay on task and are productive. Alerts let employers know when employees have reached their scheduled hours, and productivity trackers show what employees do while on the clock.

Geofencing is another option that works by allowing employees to clock in only within a particular area; that way, they are guaranteed to be on the job. Keeping employees on task will improve time tracking and productivity, which will ultimately boost profits.

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