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Car Repairs That Can Cost You

by Conor Adan

Let’s face it. Whether you plan to buy a used car or drive a brand new car, you will be faced with several repairs, especially when you will be using the vehicle for a long time.

No vehicle lasts forever. According to experts at D. Wells Auto, you will eventually have to maintain and repair your car, whether because of an accident or routine mechanical failures.

But not every repair is created the same. Some of them are affordable and quick, whereas others may cost you a lot of money. Among the car repairs, which can cost you thousands include:

1.     Engine Failure

Many vehicle owners get the shock of their life when they find out their car’s engine is totally damaged. That is because the cost of replacing an engine is a lot.

A new engine can cost approximately $7,465 and might be more than this, especially for luxury vehicles and cars with a diesel engine.

However, a car’s engine usually comes with a life expectancy, which can cover drive across more than 90,000 miles. Still, maintaining it poorly can make the engine prematurely develop, making you incur high replacement costs.

2.     Catalytic Converter Replacement

A motorist who lives in a place that needs cars to get tested for emissions must have catalytic converters installed. These devices are used to convert dangerous chemicals into harmless fumes that don’t pollute the environment.

While they are noble components in many cars, they cost a lot. Catalytic converters, which are located between the muffler and the engine, are simple for mechanics to get and replace.

Though one catalytic converter is expensive. Expect it cost you more than $1,500 when you replace your damaged catalytic converter.

3.     Changing Geriatric Battery

Batteries tend to grow old and require you to change them after five years, depending on how hard you ride them. Although cars can flash a sign of low battery at the right time, most of them already have a date stamp.

Depending on your car, whether premium or small, a battery can cost you between $50 and $200 on average.

But many dealers may charge you between $200 and $500 for a battery replacement. All you have to do is disconnect the cables first.

4.     Transmission Repairs

It won’t matter whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission, the costs of repairing might add when things go out of hand.

Putting the transmission transmits power from the engine to axles and the wells into consideration, nearly every transmission problem might leave your vehicle stranded by the roadside.

It is vital to be on top of the transmission maintenance, including changing the fluid regularly from damaged gears to worn clutches.

That is because transmission repairs may go up to $5.000, including labor and parts. Even a single clutch change may cost about $1,000, based on your car type.

The Takeaway!

Mechanical parts of a car can wear out or fail on their own. However, they might prematurely fail as well through poor maintenance. It might be boring, but it is necessary to use the right oils, fluids, and coolants and pay more attention to your car’s service intervals.

Perchance your car no longer runs and needs to be moved, you may need to consider a tow truck or crawler crane hire to get it to where it can be fixed.

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