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How to Convert Bitcoin to Cash Using Cryptobase Atms

by Conor Adan

If you have amassed a considerable amount of Bitcoin in your life, you might have also wondered how to sell it for real-world money. Many people also wonder: can you convert your coins into cash? While there are several ways to sell your digital assets for money, using Cryptobase atms is one of the most trusted and convenient ways.

What is Cryptobase?

Cryptobase is a company that takes care of buying and selling fiat money for cryptocurrencies. The company offers a service to purchase cryptocurrencies for fiat money (dollars and euros) at a higher rate than the current market rate. They also hold Bitcoins on behalf of the clients and sell the cryptocurrencies at a predetermined rate. The company has more than 80 ATMs spread across Europe and Asia, including the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

How to Convert Bitcoin to Cash Using Cryptobase Atms

You can convert your Bitcoins to cash at the Cryptobase ATMs and get the money deposited into your bank or Paypal account. You can also get a paper check if you don’t have a bank account. The fee charged by Cryptobase varies from one location to another. The charge is deducted from the amount you get in cash. Once you log in to one of the company’s ATMs, you will be prompted to select the amount of money you want to receive. Then, you will be prompted to choose the payment method from a menu. You can opt for a bank transfer, a credit/debit card, a Bitcoin, a litecoin, an Ether, a Ripple, or Bitcoin cash. When you select the payment method, you will be asked for your user ID and password. After that, the company will send all the necessary instructions to the ATM to start the transaction. You can also track the progress of the transaction online. The transaction will be completed shortly. When it’s finished, the cash in your account will increase by the amount you selected. After that, you can use the money to shop online or pay for bills.

Can you Sell Bitcoin instantly using Cryptobase Atms?

Yes, you can sell Bitcoin instantly using a Cryptobase ATM. The only condition is that the amount that you want to sell should be above $1,000. The fee charged by Cryptobase is $15. Once you enter the amount you wish to sell, the Cryptobase machine will show you the current market price of that amount of Bitcoin. You can then decide whether you want to sell it or not.

To trade Bitcoin by finding a buyer willing to pay the current market price through a broker or third-party trader or find a peer to sell your bitcoin. You must create an account in the ATM and find a peer-to-peer buyer and sell for your cash.


Cryptobase ATMs are one of the most convenient ways to sell Bitcoin. After the transaction is completed, you can withdraw the cash from the machine. You can try to find an interested buyer on Local Bitcoins or buy Bitcoins from a seller directly. Alternatively, you can also try to sell stocks or commodities instead of virtual currencies. The good thing about Cryptobase is that it allows you to convert your Bitcoins to cash anytime. After you log into your account, you can view the Bitcoin you own and the Bitcoin available for conversion. If you want to convert more Bitcoins, you can deposit more money simultaneously.

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