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The Ins And Outs Of Driving A Dirt Bike Legally In Montana

by Conor Adan

In most states, you can operate your dirt bike on off roads without liability insurance or an operator’s license, but they require supervision when minors are riding. A fraction of the states need the trainer to have a training certificate for minors. Each state has its own laws on the registration of dirt bikes and titling.

Fortunately, Montana is one of the states where you can get your dirt bike street legal. Most people prefer their dirt bike street legal for legal convenience instead of packing it on their trucks whenever they want to step out.

You can use your dirt bike on the streets and off-road, but first, do your research and learn about off-street legal vehicles before deciding to convert your dirt bike.

Steps For Making Dirt Bike Street Legal In Montana

Dirt bikes are classified as odd highway vehicles (OHV), and most people are making them street because they are decent and highly convenient to ride on roads. In Montana, OHVs are a way of life since its more extensive percentage of land is rural. As a result, OHVs are permitted to be street legal.

If you desire to ride your dirt bike on paved highways, you must go through Montana vehicle registration to get a license plate. The plate has to be attached to the rear of your dirt bike. The registration is done once unless there is a transfer of ownership, which needs new registration by the new owner. You need a title that shows the dirt biker ownership to get a license and register your OHV. If you hadn’t purchased the OHV in the state or it’s old, you could get a replacement document from the Motor Vehicle Division.

Your dirt bike must meet the following requirements to obtain a street legal license in Montana.

  • DOT approved headlight
  • A headlight indicator light that’s visible to the rider
  • Battery-powered, DOT-approved brake light and tail light
  • Turn signals
  • Rearview mirror
  • Horn
  • DOT approved tires

Benefits Of Making Your Dirt Bike Street Legal

Dirt riding is incredible, but without a license plate, safety equipment, and insurance. it is illegal. Once you make it street legal, you will enjoy the following.

You Can Ride Your Dirt Bike Anywhere

You can take it on all terrains without trouble with a street-legal ATV or dirt bike. Its convenience will open the world of adventure on-road or across the country. You can meet with friends for a motocross weekend and get muddy.

Two Bikes In One

After making the dirt bike street legal, you won’t have to own two motorcycles. With a street-legal bike, you can go both on, and off-road.


A dirt bike might be fun to ride, but if you want to use it to the maximum, you must make it street legal. Montana makes it easy to register. All you need is a required modification by the state, filing paperwork for registration, and you are set to ride on Montana public roads. But always have a helmet for safety purposes.

To save time and speed up the registration, contact 5 Star Registration or 1 Dollar Montana. They are the best in this field and will help you get your vehicle street legal.

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