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Yubo: The Social Discovery App Made for Gen Z

by Conor Adan

Social media is an integral part of life for Generation Z. According to a Deloitte survey of over 22,000 people in 44 countries, scrolling apps is one of Gen Z’s favorite ways to spend free time. The survey found that only 10% like watching TV or movies to relax, while 11% choose social media. Platforms like Yubo help Gen Z expand their social circles and allow them to be themselves.

Yubo is a live social discovery app created in Paris in 2015 to help Gen Z make meaningful connections worldwide. The founders wanted to build an online space that mirrored offline interactions. With Yubo, no metrics like followers or likes define social status. This allows users to focus on creating authentic friendships without pressure to perform.

The app makes it easy to find and chat with new people. Users can filter by location and gender when browsing profiles. An intuitive swiping feature lets you swipe left or right to connect and message other users your age. Thousands of livestreams happen daily that you can join to interact in real-time.

According to social researcher Claire Madden, there’s a slight separation between online and offline for Gen Z. Communicating digitally comes naturally, and frequent interactions forge connections. Because their identity stems from social media activity, Gen Z stays highly engaged across platforms. The constant feed of content may desensitize some to actual world events.

Many sites provide endless feeds and ads. Yubo offers something different – genuine connections without metrics like followers. This promotes authenticity. Users build profiles around interests, not approval. As Yubo states, “We believe that authentic connections are essential to building a happier, more connected world.” Fostering a sense of community enables deeper relationships beyond surface-level bonds.

Yubo puts people first, not content. It’s customizable, so you control what you see. The founders wanted to recreate the best aspects of in-person interactions digitally. Since launching, Yubo has prioritized real-time interactions over passive scrolling. Users can instantly connect with others live on the platform.

The company values work-life balance and equal treatment. User safety is also a top priority. Yubo utilizes prevention, detection, and moderation to maximize safety.

Generation Z is tech-savvy, socially conscious, and fast-paced. Yubo delivers the instant gratification they expect. As CTO Arthur Patora says, “We’re all about real-time interactions. We need to move fast.” By rapidly testing and iterating, new ideas quickly become reality.

Yubo is available on iOS and Android. The social discovery app lets those ready to go live make new friends worldwide. For Gen Z, real friendships start with authentic connections. Yubo provides the space for those genuine interactions.

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