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Top 10 Indian Commentators in this era

by Conor Adan

The many elements of cricket- the players, the audience, the umpires, the ball boys, the water boys, the coaches, and everyone involved in it make it a fruitful experience. Every single one of them works tirelessly to fulfill their roles in the best way they can and this desire makes them want to better themselves. These roles aren’t the same for everyone – for the players, it’s their role to do the best they can to win, for the audience, it is cheering on their favorite team, for the umpires it is to make crystal clear and impartial decisions, for the ball-boys, it is to give the ball back to the fielder so that they don’t have to waste their energy and keep their stamina for longer, for the water-boys it is to provide water to the players so that they can stay hydrated and play even longer. All these roles are important and have their part to play- like the ecosystem of a certain place, even the smallest of the small micro-organisms are vital to the ecosystem. 

Let’s have a look at another important and indispensable part of cricket- the commentators. 

The one who carefully analyses the game that is being played and gives insights to the audience who is watching the game. The audience comprises mostly youngsters, children, and adults who might not have the same level of experience as these veterans so for them, so listening to these experienced players is a whole new experience for them. Also, they are the ones who create the hype for the audience- there have been famous lines of commentators which have been etched onto the minds of everyone present. The words of commentators are given utmost importance and are the words that echo throughout the stadium. 

Today, let’s have a look at some of the most famous Indian commentators of all time and they also let you know about india upcoming matches

  1. Laxman Sivaramakrishnan –  He is popularly referred to as LSK, although his voice is slightly monotone and has a dry way of commentating he is an iconic commentator. Also, he tends to focus on leg spinners more than what a usual commentator does which makes him unique. His sense of humor isn’t his greatest strength although his attempts are appreciated.
  1. Sanjay Manjrekar – He started well but ever since the introduction of the Indian Premier League his quality has gone downhill. Instead of delivering commentary in his usual way, he tries to cater to the masses’ tastes and tries to satisfy them instead of giving commentary that analyses the game. His style has changed to try to be funny which has resulted in him not being on the top.
  1. Arun Lal-Another outstanding commentator in the Indian line-up, he has an inspiring story to his name. He came to commentary after recovering from a rare case of jaw cancer. Also, there’s his habit of using complex language which the audience has a hard time deciphering. The point of a commentator is so they can simplify the game so that the beginners too can enjoy that and so this is not followed in this kind of commentary. 
  1. 7. Navjot Sindhu– One of the commentators who love to talk a lot, this person has made a name for himself, the image may not be what he wanted but he is famous. He is also a regular audience in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show which has helped him garnish a huge fan following. He sometimes gets swayed and makes loud remarks about things that could land him in trouble. As a commentator, he is a fun person to listen to.
  1. VVS Laxman– His natural accent makes it a bit difficult for the viewers to understand him, which defeats the purpose of a commentary. Such things aren’t usually common in commentators but here we are. Being an iconic cricketer himself, he does have the knowledge that is required but his delivery makes it a task.
  1. 5. Murali Karthik– An accomplished batsman himself, he is one of the better commentators in the 21st century. Since he has a lot of experience under his belt, he uses it to enhance his commentary which has helped him a lot. His command over the language helps him make it complex, but simple enough for the audience to understand as well as enjoy and appreciate his commentary. He is one to watch out for. 
  1. Sunil Gavaskar– One of the better well-known commentators, he is like a regular to commentary, the salt to our food. His name is synonymous with commentary, with a smooth and encapturing choice of words in a free-flowing style, he is quite a pro. Even as a batsman, he is revered.
  1. Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly– This duo is currently on a break from commentary as they are busy with things other than commentary. These two have tons of experience under their belt and use it to explain the various aspects of the game. Hopefully, they will return soon.
  1. Ravi Shastri– Along with Sunil Gavaskar, he is one of the two most famous commentators in Indian cricket. He is a legend and has always been consistent with his ear-catching commentary. Without him, Indian commentary would be incomplete.
  1. Harsha Bhogle– It would be surprising to see that the top spot goes to someone who wasn’t a cricket player. His one and two-liners have been impactful in the cricket world, he occupies the top spot without any surprises. His reputation is one of the best and he is considered one of the best in the world. For over 20 years, fans have been enjoying his analysis which goes down to the very details of cricket yet he has kept it simple to the point where even newbies can easily understand it. 

Conclusion- Commentating is one of the tougher jobs which requires both – command over the language and extensive knowledge of cricket at the same time. It takes a lot of effort to continue it and maintain a proper flow of speech while doing it. Only a chosen few can take this career head-on and become great out of it.  

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