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Metalwork Guide for Beginners

by Conor Adan

Metals have various different usesin industries,building constructions,car body manufacturing,home grill decors among others. The mostcommonly used metals are steel,aluminium,copper and brass. The latter is classy and its commonly used in signs. Aluminium is commonly used in aircraft bodies due to its light weigh. Lastly, steel is the most commonly used metal mainly in enclosures,car bodies fabrication and for machine parts.

As a beginner it is important to understand the basics to understand more advanced things such as how CNC machines from Inventables work in metalworks. Here are some of the guides.


Metal sheets are shaped using various methods,according to its gauge and material. Hard steel is mainly heated to obtain the shape of your interest. Other softer sheet metals like aluminium and copper are easily shaped. Proper knowledge of sheetmetals and proper equipment for working is necessary.

You can easily familiarize yourself with different skills for repairs and in replacing different metal related issues. This allows you to save money, for metal replacing and repairs which are quite expensive.


Metal cutting is done using different methods according to its thickness, hardness, or softness. They are cut with either cold chisel, snips for sheet metals and hacksaws using blades of different coarseness. Grinders are also used on heavy steel. Softer steel is better sheared using hacksaws to avoid hazardous backlash by the grinder disk.


Welding is the process of joining metal bars and metal sheets to form a solid material. Rods are used in this process because they weld well with metals and are durable. Soft metals such as brass,bronze and copper are soldered together instead of being welded together. This is due to their soft nature which can’t be welded with rods.


Metal casting is the process that involves shaping different types of metals to make tools,jewelry,sculptures and different ornaments.The most common method of casting metal is by pouring molten metal into a mold shape of your choice to create a different solid item. Another method of casting is the sand casting where sand is mixed with other agents which are used in bonding.


Forming is the process whereby metals are fabricated and reshaped without adding any metal or removing any elements. The process is done mainlythrough, heating and compressing. Heating and bending are essential methods for the formation of metals.


Grinding is the process of removing materials from your work piece, which are left mostly after welding. It is mainly done in final finishing stages to make your end-product smooth and neatly joined. Grinders use discs which are made from stone, inorganic materials and diamonds.


Metals easily rust due to oxidation. To avoid the unattractive and rough look, they are polished and processed using different methods and procedures. These methodsincludegrinding,sand blasting, and metal plating.it is best to grind away metal particles and coat using one of these methods for a smooth and attractive work. Moreover,metals like bronze corrode slowlyeven when coated.Coating is essential for every metal piece for a perfect finished outcome.

With the above guides,a metalwork beginner can follow the simple steps and apply them in any metal related areas.

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