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Which bra should you choose?

by Conor Adan

A good, comfortable bra is essential to make sure you feel good in yourself and to ensure your silhouette looks the best that it can. A correct fitting bra which provides the best level of support and fits your figure well will be a worthwhile investment.  It’s important to be able to dress for any occasion and with at least one of these bras, we’re sure you will be adequately prepared to pull any outfit choice together.

The staple T-shirt bra

One bra which every woman needs in their lingerie drawer is the every day T-shirt bra. This is the bra we will use most days and needs to be the comfiest we own. From being in the office, to chilling around at home, the T-shirt bra is one of the more practical bras we need to own. The T-shirt bra is the perfect option if you are looking for comfort and support with a smooth silhouette thanks to its seamless moulded cups.

A Push-up bra

If you are wanting to add a little extra volume or lift to your breasts, the push-up bra is your best friend. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a range of different levels of padding. The size of padding you choose will change the size and shape. The push up bra is designed for someone wanting to help define their curves and enhance cleavage when wearing low cut tops and form fitting dresses.

A supportive sports bra

If you are an active individual, and regularly workout and take part in sports, it is so important to own a well fitting sports bra. If you are a larger chested woman, you will want to make sure you get a high impact sports bra to provide the highest support. A good rule of thumb is that if your sports bra feels tight in the changing room but keeps your chest secure then it is doing its job. A sports bra that reduces bounce and increases chest support is important in alleviating back and breast pain, and in the long term can prevent your breasts from sagging.

Strapless bra

Wearing a thin strap top or dress and ruining the outfit with bra straps can completely cheapen an outfit. If you are wearing an off the shoulder dress, top or spaghetti strapped top, you will want to make sure you have a well fitting strapless bra. With the right strapless bra, you can still have the same support as a normal bra, but without ruining an outfit with straps.

A good fitting strapless bra should fit firmly around the back, so it can give the support that we need (and to stop your strapless bra from falling down!) but it should be comfortable.


If you are looking for a more comfortable, wire free bra option, a bralette is the answer. After going through COVID-19 lockdowns and adapting to working from home, bralettes have become more and more popular. Bralettes are a comfy, but stylish option which do not compromise support. If you are wanting to avoid hooks and wires but still feel sexy with a lace number, choose a bralette.

Where to buy bras online?

If you are looking for a trusted online bra retailer that stocks a range of bra types, Bras and Honey is the place to go. Bras and Honey stock luxury lingerie from leading brands and are dedicated to discovering new styles that will enhance every silhouette. Find well known bra brands like Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Wonderbra and more. Bras and Honey offer high quality, supportive bras and swimwear for each occasion.

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