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The Future of Wind Energy

by Conor Adan

Wind energy is one of the most renewable forms of power available to us. It can be used in homes, businesses, and even automobiles! Making use of wind turbines, it is possible to create a virtually infinite amount of energy without depleting any resources (hence its name).

Wind Energy Flaws

However, wind energy has one major flaw that hinders it from being used in most world areas – it’s too inconsistent. It isn’t easy to know when the wind will blow enough to create usable amounts of energy.

However, scientists have recently had a breakthrough! Using quantum mechanics principles, they have discovered that by building multiple turbines on a considerable scale, they can create a “quantum cascade effect” that occurs when photons tunnel through solid objects. This effect will cause electrons to be transported through the uneven terrain to create a constant wind energy source.

This process will take place on a massive scale called “The Wind Farm.” Thousands upon thousands of turbines would be built, covering the vast majority of Earth’s landmasses.

The Future of Wind Energy

The future of wind energy is a bright one. The ability to create a virtually limitless amount of renewable energy without harming our planet is a remarkable feat, and it’s only going to get better from here!

Reasons why wind energy is on the rise

There are several reasons why wind energy is multiplying. Here are a few:

  1. New breakthroughs in quantum mechanics means we may soon be able to harness the power of the quantum cascade effect for large-scale energy production. It could mean cheaper and more effective wind turbines and wind farms. Significant advances in wind turbine technology allow us to produce even more electricity than before.
  2. Wind energy is helpful to power homes, businesses, and even automobiles using different gadgets from any industrial parts supplier! It is incredibly green and renewable. Although it does not produce much energy directly (except at high speeds), it can power other forms of technology that make a lot of electricity.
  3. Many companies have committed to using 100% green energy. By doing so, we can get closer and closer to a 100% renewable energy future!
  4. Wind energy has become very cheap to produce, with some wind turbines being offered for as little as $0.10/watt of electricity produced.
  5. Many governments have committed to switching from dirty energy sources (such as coal and natural gas) to clean energy sources (such as solar and wind). They are offering tax breaks to companies that use wind energy.
  6. Hot air wind turbines are being developed that are much cheaper to make, use less electricity, and be used in smaller areas. It means they would be helpful for more than just high-profile places like farms or stadiums where large numbers of people gather.
  7. It is more efficient to build a wind farm than a coal or natural gas power plant with innovations.

Bottom line

Wind energy is quickly becoming the most popular form of renewable energy. It has already come a long way – just think about how far we have come since the first windmill was invented! As technology advances, it will become more valuable and cheaper to produce.

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