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Miki Agrawal Underscores Authenticity in Business, Showcases What Makes Her Unique

by Conor Adan

There is something to be said for embracing one’s innermost and authentic self. When we embrace who we are, the world can see it and choose to embrace it as well. Miki Agrawal began her career in the financial field before the falling of the Twin Towers would set her on a different path, realizing quickly that she needed to do what she loved with the time available to her.

After departing from the rigor and structure of the financial field, Miki Agrawal would become a force as an entrepreneur with successful eateries, the advent of the TUSHY bidet, and the invention of THINX – a period-proof underwear concept.

Now a renowned disruptor with many titles across her mantle, Agrawal has decided to share what has made her so successful with those looking to follow in her footsteps.

Finding Success in a Crowded Industry

First and foremost, Miki Agrawal was able to find success for herself as an entrepreneur because she doubled and tripled down on what made her unique, what made her who she was. Agrawal points to her work with the TUSHY bidet company as a prime example of this authenticity being ushered into action.

Bidets are a relatively common bathroom utility outside of the United States of America, something that Agrawal had personal experience with as she grew up in a mixed Japanese and Indian household. Agrawal said, “I’ve been obsessed with bidets since I was very young. I never really thought about owning one when I was younger because they were so expensive!”

A personal health issue would have Agrawal turning back to the bidet concept, eventually developing what would become the TUSHY product. Agrawal’s authentic self has been primed for success thanks to the synchronicity of the pandemic, ushering in significant sales as toilet paper shortages wreaked havoc around the world.

Remaining True to Form

To find prolonged success, Agrawal needed more than just a good idea – she needed a foundation from which to build even more ideas. Agrawal accomplished this task by honing in on three successful skills that have changed the way she does business: questioning things, taking risks, and surrounding herself with the right people.

As a kid, Agrawal always questioned things, and this led her to tackle spaces that might otherwise have been considered too ‘taboo’. Her work with TUSHY and THIX would bring Agrawal success because she was willing to take a risk and tackle something taboo. With the right team by her side, Agrawal was able to create momentum to continue finding success.

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