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Matt Davies Harmony Communities Reveals Details on Preventing Fleas on Your Pets

by Conor Adan


Matt Davies Harmony Communities indicates that fleas are the most common parasite that affects pets. These small creatures not only make your beloved companion uncomfortable and itchy but can also transmit diseases to you and your family. Fortunately, there are some measures animal lovers can put in place to protect their pets from fleas. Below are a few tips for preventing fleas on your pet. 

  1. Reduce your pet’s outdoor time

One of the best things you can do to save your cat or dog from fleas is to limit the amount of time they spend outside your home. Fleas thrive best in warm, humid temperatures, which makes the outdoors an ideal breeding place for these critters. Since pets tend to pick up fleas from outdoor areas that other animals have been in contact with, keeping your furry friend indoors can significantly reduce their risk of contracting fleas. 

  1. Vacuum regularly

While regular vacuuming may seem like a difficult task for pet owners, it is necessary to protect your pets from fleas. Vacuuming can help remove many of the flea eggs, larva, and pupae in your home and force adult fleas to come out of their hiding place. So, use a vacuum to clean your furniture, carpets, rugs, or hard-to-reach corners to prevent fleas in your house.

Note: Make sure to discard the vacuum bags after cleaning so that fleas don’t find their way back into your house. 

  1. Wash bedding every week

Cleanliness is essential to prevent the breeding of fleas in your home. So, remove any bedding, sofa covers, or fabric your pet has been in contact with and give them a thorough wash every week. Make use of hot water and soap while washing, as they can kill fleas of all stages.

  1. Check your pet’s fur frequently

Since fleas live in the animal’s fur, it’s good to check your pet’s hair regularly, especially after they have spent time outdoors. When inspecting your pet for fleas, check places like the armpit, groins, neck, and tail, as they are the favorite hangout spots for the parasite. You may also want to invest in a fine-tooth flea comb that can allow you to spot fleas or their signs, e.g., flea dirt.

  1. Use a flea collar

Pet owners can also make use of flea prevention products, such as flea collars to keep the pest away from their cute little friend. Flea collars offer a way to deliver chemicals needed to repel or kill fleas and are very easy to put on your pet. There are also ultrasonic collars for people who want to avoid applying chemicals and gases to their pets. When used correctly, flea collars can stay effective for many months without any need for additional treatment.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities knows these are not the only ways to protect pets from fleas. So, it’s important for pet owners to do more research on the topic and choose the method that is ideal for them. Also, remember to seek the advice of your veterinarian before using any flea prevention medications on your pet.