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Mark Roemer Oakland Contemplates the Benefits of Online Gaming

by Conor Adan


The internet has had a significant impact on our lives. It has changed the lives of many. If we go back a few decades, we used to play outside with our friends and family members, or it involved simple indoor games, such as card games or board games. Today, the advent of the internet has revolutionized the world of gaming. You can now choose from thousands of games and play them on your smartphone from the comfort of your home. And this mode of entertainment has its own set of benefits. In this article, Mark Roemer Oakland contemplates the benefits of online gaming. Read on to check out some of the benefits.

Stress management

Playing games online can help you relieve stress, according to many studies. For example, playing card games can reduce your stress level. Similarly, many surveys suggest that taking part in online games can reduce your cortisol level by 17%. Cortisol is the primary hormone that triggers stress.

Therefore, if you play online go games for a couple of minutes on a regular basis, it can help you manage your stress and fight many other health problems.

Mood improvement

Following the same routine on a daily basis can leave you with boredom and exhaustion at the end of the day. This is the reason most office workers want brief breaks from time to time to have a sigh of relief.

Online gaming can help prevent boredom by uplifting your mood. In fact, these games will take you to another world and make you forget all your tensions for a while. In other words, online games can help you recharge your batteries and avoid mood swings.

Social Skills Development

Playing games online can help you develop your social skills. In other words, some online games are designed to promote communication and teamwork skills. Apart from this, they can help you improve your leadership skills, such as patience, dealing with unexpected situations, and quick decision making, just to name a few.

Better concentration skills

Since online gaming can reduce your stress levels, you can focus your mind on the essential tasks at hand. Many research studies have reported that playing games online regularly can help improve players’ ability to concentrate.

Making money 

You may also make money playing your favorite games online. As a matter of fact, professional gamers make tons of money playing some money-making games. For example, you can go to online betting websites to make some real money from the comfort of your home.

And then some online games reward you for your achievements during the gameplay. So, this is another great advantage of playing online games. And the best part is you don’t have to make any investment.


In short, Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you play games online if you want to enjoy all of the benefits described in this article. Since almost all of us have smartphones today, we can spend a few minutes playing games online and improve our skills at the same time.

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