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How to score 99-100 marks in tomorrow’s class 9 maths exam

by Conor Adan

The fear of examinations is one of the biggest drawbacks. There is a wrong belief that exams are not necessary but on the positive side, exams are part of life. Exams do play an important role in deciding one’s future. In this article, we will see tips and tricks to score 99-100 marks in tomorrow’s class 9 maths exam.

Why are examinations important?

  • Exams help students to evaluate their knowledge. Exams are for self-improvement.
  • Exams play an important role for students as they set themselves for a particular goal and aim.
  • New skills, principles, and techniques are learned.
  • Exams do generate pressure but it helps to stay focused and determined.
  • It helps an individual to stand out from the crowd.
  • Students learn the importance of time management. 
  • Exams make the brain adapt to new challenges and information.

CBSE Class 9 exam process

CBSE does not conduct board examinations for class 9. But on the other hand, the class 9 examinations are very crucial for the students. CBSE sets up a benchmark for class 9 students. 

The syllabus, exam pattern, and learning in class 9 are according to the board pattern. Here students are prepared for the board exam. Here the basic concepts and knowledge for board exams are built. Class 9 paper comes from the board. School teachers do not prepare the question paper. The question paper is set in such a way that students face the level of board examination for the first time. That is why class 9 is the start of senior secondary. Yes, it is a level up. 

Important NCERT syllabus wise topic 

Following are a few chapter wise important topics which students should never miss-

            Chapter name               Important topics
Number system Real numbers, integers, rational and irrational numbers, and questions related to them.
Polynomials Definitions, types of polynomials, their degree, and coefficient.
Coordinate geometry  Coordinate geometry points, graphs of linear equations, cartesian plane.
Linear equations in two variable Solving linear equations, various methods, and plotting on the graph.
Introduction to Euclid’s geometry  Euclid’s definitions, axioms, and postulates
Lines and Angles Types of lines and angles, theorems, and conceptual questions related to it.
Triangles Triangles congruence, properties of triangles, types of triangles.
Quadrilaterals  Types of quadrilaterals, properties, and theorems. 
Area of Parallelogram and triangles Different methods for calculating the area of triangles and parallelograms.
Circles Terms related to circles, calculation of area, perimeter, etc.
construction Construction of triangles, circles, and angles, etc.
Heron’s formula Find the area of a triangle using Heron’s formula and its applications.
Surface area and volume Surface area and volume of cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, cones and its applications.
Statistics  Data and its presentation in form of a graph, charts, and histograms. The finding of mean, mode, and median.
Probability Various applications of chances of happening of an event.

Tips and Tricks for scoring 99-100 in a maths exam

Yes, maths is the toughest of all but it can be made easy. This is one of those subjects which requires much practice. Following are the tips to score maximum in a maths exam

  • The Math exam requires proper planning. Make a proper timetable before starting the syllabus.
  • Do not simply mug up things in maths. Do prepare with a pen and paper.
  • Practice makes the man perfect. First, master fundamental problems and do a lot of complex problems.
  • Always pen down important formulas, concepts, and tricks in a notebook.
  • Never skip tough questions. Try to find the solution to it. Always challenge yourself. Take the help of your instructor.
  • Always start preparing with the help of NCERT. It will enhance the ability to learn maths and will improve practical skills.

Importance of Maths NCERT for class 9 students

NCERT of class 9 is prepared according to the board exam pattern. NCERT is the basic building block. Preparation for the maths exam should always be done by starting with NCERT. Following are the importance of Maths NCERT –

  • Basic to advance conceptualization of topics are thoroughly explained.
  •  Ample of solved examples and unsolved questions are provided.
  • Easy to understand.
  • One than one method of a question is provided.
  • All the laws and theorems are explained step-wise.

RS Aggarwal Class 9 Chapter 14 Solutions

RS Aggarwal maths book is considered the best supplement after the NCERT book. Each and every solution provided is so precise and accurate that students need not cram the solutions. It is provided with all important details which help students to excel in the exam. With the help of NCERT, students learn topics and concepts and in RS Aggarwal they learn how to apply these concepts.

Apart from the NCERT solutions, various simple to tough questions is also provided in the RS Aggarwal book.

Do’s and Don’ts on the examination day

           Do’s                  Don’ts 
Always begin with reading question paper Don’t panic and stress.
Spend 10 min reading the paper and understanding. Never overwrite answers.
Always answer easy questions first. Attempt all the questions. Don’t leave any as step marks are provided. 
Always answer step-wise as step carries marks. Always mention given data first before answering the question.
Always put the answer in a box or highlight it. Never attempt two more than two questions on a single page.
Always recheck answers before submitting copies. Don’t draw diagrams with a pen. Use a properly pointed pencil.


Always keep in mind that practicing maths is not rocket science. Always develop the proper strategy to solve questions. Skipping of few difficult questions is alright but never hesitate yourself at the last moment. Things learned at the last moment are never stored. On the other hand, it only generates pressure. Maths is a discipline, based on an understanding of concepts. That is why right from the starting of the semester students should practice daily, complete homework on time, and make notes timely. So at the end of the day, scoring 99-100 marks is easy. Always remember nothing is impossible. It all depends on the efforts you give right from the start.

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