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Foot Problems and How Podiatrist Assist in Reducing the Symptoms

by Conor Adan

People suffering from pain or injury of legs rely on their podiatrist to get relief from such health issues. A family physician does help in treating foot health problems however podiatrists are specialized in assisting their patients to have quick and safe relief from foot-related health problems.

They provide even complicated treatments like stem cell therapy that keeps your feet functioning just like before. They examine, take blood tests, scan and do another preliminary testing to understand the exact culprit spoiling the fitness of your lower body part and provide treatment accordingly.


They are even called Chiropodist in some countries. They help to treat many foot problems that may cause due to varied reasons. They provide valuable suggestions to take care of your foot and even customize orthotics for having relief from pain and health problems. They supply custom-made insoles, arch supports and inserts that help greatly to rectify foot-related issues and to reduce pain.

The orthotic gears realign of foot and remove the pressure on the foot. This makes it easier to walk, run or do any sports activities while wearing comfortable shoes. Elderly people find it a great relief to wear orthotics to have relief from pain and discomforts as their foot is quite sensitive as they grow older. People suffering from stem cell for pain of the foot find quick relief after visiting a podiatrist.

The most common foot health problems:

  • Fungal nail infections.
  • Ingrown toenails.
  • Corns and calluses.
  • Verrucas.
  • Flat feet and athlete’s feet.
  • Blisters and heel pain.
  • Aging feet problems.
  • Foot injuries.
  • Gout and bunions.

What happens when you visit the podiatrist for a consultation?

  • They will examine the place where you feel the pain. Then, will check your medical history to know whether you are diabetic or prone to cardiovascular health issues. This is because the treatment will be given accordingly to keep your health safe from any negative aspects of treatment.
  • They may refer you to do basic tests like blood tests, X-rays and even sometimes scan the leg part for detailed examination. In the present times, podiatrists rely on quantitative sensory testing for diagnosing nerve disorders of the foot and
  • They do EMG (Electromyography) that helps to know the way foot muscles respond to stimulation of nerve impulses. Any abnormality is examined and a podiatrist provides effective treatment.
  • The skilled podiatrists even treat the fractured bones of legs by setting them in the right position.  They even do surgery to remove foot tumors.
  • They provide immediate solutions to remove dead tissues that may later on create foot problems that are painful and infectious. They do stem cell treatment to reduce foot pain.
  • Minor problems usually get solved by medications and the usage of orthotics. The complicated treatments usually take a longer time to be treated and may need surgery.

You can anytime consult a skilled podiatrist to get relief from your foot health problems. They provide right treatment to cure your foot health using safe methods.

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