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Do you know how to score full marks in the Class 12 Chemistry CBSE board?

by Conor Adan

Not only Class 12th is the last stage of a student’s school life – the immense burden of getting the best score to get their dream college – the subject of Chemistry is no small feat in itself. 

Chemistry Class 12th is fundamental to a student’s understanding of the sciences and the basic foundational structure of the universe and everything in it – from atoms to organic reactions and minerals and methods which make the world and its economy go round. And so naturally, Chemistry is a difficult subject for most students. Therefore, adequate attention and concerted effort must be given for a thorough preparation to score full marks in Chemistry Class 12 for the CBSE Board Examination.

Train yourself strategically

To achieve the end goal, you will have to prepare laboriously. The ample syllabus in Class 12 Chemistry requires consistent time and effort. When you work strategically and push forward with diligence, it will become relatively easy for you to achieve your target. Step-by-step preparation helps you stay motivated to keep going because of the improvements you see on a daily basis. If high scores are your aim, make the following pointers a part of your preparations.

  • Study routine

Routines are an integral part of student life. There are so many things that a student has to juggle, so working on a schedule is the best method to keep up with everything. A study routine also helps you stay focused. Chemistry is an extensive subject in itself. With theory, numerical problems, reactions and so much more to learn it is essential that you divide your topics and tasks and adhere to a strict schedule.

Allocate your time effectively to cover your course, practice, and revise. Regular practice is an essential requirement to understand the concepts in-depth and to remember them well. Start studying in a planned manner from the beginning of the academic year so you do not have to rush through the topics. This will help you concentrate on the subject with fruitful results.

  • Practice

As a kid homework was one of the most annoying tasks for most of us. When we grow up, we have to give homework to ourselves so we can improve. Daily practice is that homework. Whatever topic you go through, you cannot learn it unless you take the time to practice it religiously.

Sit to solve sample papers, previous years’ question papers, and practice papers to be confident in your knowledge. They help you tremendously in revision as well. As they say it, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Hence, practice diligently and evaluate your progress with the help of the ncert chemistry class 12 pdf.

  • Dedicate more time to the numerical problems, name reactions, and product

For Chemistry, you have many name reactions, numerical problems, and products that can help you gain good marks in the exam. Practicing them every day gives you the confidence to attempt the questions in the exam. If you perfect them, you can gain full marks on these particular questions.

Theory questions, however easy, can be time taking. In the exam, you are often running short on time. So you can direct your attention to questions that assure you full marks if done correctly. Focus on chapters like ‘Electrochemistry’ and ‘p-Block Elements’ for the numericals, the product, properties, and anomalous behavior. Also, the name reactions from Organic Chemistry can be scored if you answer them accurately.

  • Make personalized notes

There are many platforms that provide you with study notes. These notes are significant for reference purposes. It is much more effective when you make your own notes. You design them in your own language to help you recall things easily. Writing after learning helps you reflect on the topics you have studied.

Making an outline for each chapter benefits you at the time of revision. You can simply skim through the notes and get a gist of the chapter.

  • Retrospection

In order to cram the topics they have not prepared before, students tend to reduce their revision time. You often forget things when you take a pause from studying it. Revising right before the exams is an important part of preparation. It helps you recall everything you have learned previously. Giving your best in the parts you have already studied and prepared well will ensure that you get the maximum. Play to your strengths.

You should also go through the important topics and questions during the revision time.

Time management during the exam

Not being able to finish your exam even when you know the answers is an awful feeling. Hence, writing answers in calculated time helps you finish your exam.

  • Utilize the reading time effectively. Those 15 minutes help you decide your game plan, how you want to go about the questions.
  • Give only adequate time to questions and not overspending focus, time and energy answering particular ones, specially the ones we have studied more of.
  • Attempt the questions you are confident about first, that saves you time and helps in showcasing your best work to the examiner in the beginning.
  • If you get stuck on some question, mark it, leave some space for it, and move on. You can come back and do it when you have completed all the answers.

This way you will save time for revision as well. Read through your answers in the last 15-20 minutes, so you can curate them. Giving your best work is the way to score high marks.

Avoid these mistakes

In the rush of completing the paper in time students make some silly mistakes that can affect their marks. Make a note of these mistakes and avoid them at all costs:

  • Number your answers and their subparts properly. It will be difficult for the examiner to mark you if they are not sure which question does the answer go with.
  • Recheck your calculations and the final digits in the answers. In a hurry to move onto the next answer students copy down the wrong answer in numerical problems. That of course affects the marks.
  • Answer according to the marks allotted to the question.
  • Make sure to answer all the sub-parts in one question.

Chemistry is a challenging subject in Class 12th but it is not impossible to score full marks in it. If you aim high, you have to give enough effort to achieve your target. Everyone is given the same amount of time, so do not hesitate to start from scratch. Just believe in yourself and be consistent in your preparation.

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