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Cute Temporary Tattoo Ideas For A Kids’ Party

by Conor Adan

Whether it is a birthday party or a kids’ celebration, you want it to be unique and memorable. As we all know, kids love fun activities and are amused by the little things, so it’s pretty easy to plan a special celebration. However, if you want a really cool and cost-effective way to spice up a kids’ party, temporary tattoos for kids are your best choice. Let us look at some cute temporary tattoos ideas for a kids’ party.

Match your party theme with glitter tattoos

You can find temporary tattoos to match any kids’ party theme, or you can even have them customized for that sense of uniqueness. You can choose from different themes such as sports, superheroes, animal kingdom, fashion, or the kids’ favorite shows. Try to match the colors of the glitter temporary tattoos with the balloons and other decorations. Since any temporary tattoos for kids are printed as a set with related designs, you can purchase several sets and cut the individual designs to maximize their use.

Decorate the party scene with marvel tattoos

Decorating the party scene with marvel tattoos that amuse kids is a good idea, especially when using disposable tableware. You can stick them on the plates, tumblers and even let the kids do it as an activity during the party. Also, it can ensure that there will be no mixing up glasses if you let the kids design their own designs. Look for quality temporary tattoos for kids that are safe, hypoallergenic, and made with FDA-certified colorants. You can also apply the tattoos on the plastics and cardboards used for the party.

Mix and match letter tattoos

Let the kids express themselves by mixing and matching different temporary tattoo designs available at the party. You can select tattoo designs that highlight different hobbies so the kids can choose depending on their hobbies and interests. You can even choose alphabet letters that spell out their names or initials. Ensure you display the tattoo sheets so that the kids choose their favorite designs.

Set up a temporary tattoos station

Another idea is to set up a temporary tattoos station or booth. Create a sign or poster so that the kids know where to get funny tattoos. A good thing about temporary tattoos is that they are easy to apply and less messy than face paint. Also, remember to include a few washcloths and a bowl of water since they adhere well to clean skin.

Send them home with temporary tattoo gifts.

Other than toys and candies, temporary tattoos that feature designs kids love are good additions to kids’ party goodie bags or birthday party favors. They are lightweight, and the kids can share them with their siblings and friends at home. Also, you can use alphabet tattoos to spell out each guest’s name for a really personalized effect. The kids will love it and will have fun while at it.

The bottom line

Temporary tattoos for kids are a great addition to a kids’ party. They are cheaper, easy to apply, safe, and less messy than face paint. Plus, there are so many temporary tattoos ideas to incorporate into your kids’ party.

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