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Commercial Cleaning Risks and How to Mitigate Them

by Conor Adan

As a cleaning company, expect to come across various risks in your daily operations. These risks vary depending on the workplace you’re cleaning and its setup.

So, it’s advisable to be ready to face them and look for the best way to solve them. In this article, we will show you the commercial cleaning risks and how to mitigate them. So, read on to find out everything you need to know.

Cleaning Chemicals

Most of the cleaning products you use while at work are made of harmful chemicals, which can cause harm when not carefully handled.

Some might react with your skin; others will react with your respiratory system and complications like asthma. But that’s not all, as some will trigger allergic reactions making it impossible to use them while cleaning.

To avoid experiencing this, let the cleaners wear protective gloves when cleaning to prevent the chemicals from coming into contact with their skin.

Also, dilute the concentrated cleaning chemicals before you use them. And don’t mix the cleaning products as it can result in harmful reactions.

Cleaners Working Alone in Various Premises

Other risks of commercial cleaning service are your cleaners working alone on a premise unsupervised. If they’re working at night without company and get involved in an accident, they may not receive the immediate assistance that’s necessary.

Some people with ill intentions can also harm your employee’s life while working alone.

For example, a thieve might follow a cleaner after realizing they work alone and steal from the premises and tarnish your company’s name.

The Electrical or Dangerous Equipment

When cleaning an office or industry, expect your employees to come across some equipment that can endanger their lives when they come into close contact.

For example, cleaning machinery with sharp blades can cause injuries to a cleaner who didn’t take the right precautionary measures or didn’t know about the blades.

Such machinery can also harm your employee if they’re not switched off. Remember cleaning in most cases involves using water, which can be dangerous when it comes into contact with electrical equipment that’s turned on.

In such a case, it’s best to inform the cleaners about the type of machinery they’ll encounter while at work and advise them on the right precautionary measures.

As their employer, do risk assessment after winning a new contract with a different company. Tell your workers about them so that they are careful while at work.

Additionally, you need to ask your employees to check if the electrical equipment is on before they come into contact with them while cleaning.

Slipping or Tripping

Some offices have slippery floors that are risky to cleaners who use water and cleaning detergents, increasing their chances of slipping. Also, the cleaners clean these floors and let them air dry, making them slip if not careful.

Chances of your cleaner tripping because of the electrical cables are also high.

Therefore, while offering the best commercial cleaning service, your employee needs to remove such cables their way. Also, they should put on anti-slip shoes while at work.

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