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6 Points That Make a Good Website

by Conor Adan

Website designs should facilitate the communication of the site’s message while engaging its visitors simultaneously.

Designing an attractive website needs to consider simplicity, consistency, imagery, colors, typography, and functionality.

The best websites should be both beautiful and functional. Their purpose should be clear. Websites need to be visually appealing as well as easily navigable.

In addition to being technically stable and secure, the site should deliver a good user experience for various visitors. Effective websites are attractive, practical, and functional.

A good website should have these six features.

1. Navigation Bar

On websites, navigation means guiding users to what they need and allowing them to interact with the website. Good navigation will keep visitors on your site.

Those confused by the website navigation will quit trying and look elsewhere for what they need. Consistency and simplicity of navigation are keys to success.

Ideally, the menu items on the website should be easily accessible from any page, and the design should be easy to navigate.

Whenever viewers are on a website, they should know their exact location and quickly reach the sections they want to visit. Site maps are a good idea and will be used if available.

Despite its simplicity, most websites can benefit from this improvement. The idea should be to make an interactive menu as functional as possible because there is a line between a useful one and an annoying one.

2. Good Graphics

You can reflect your brand through your website, products, and services. You need to make your website visually appealing and polished.

With white space, clear layouts, good photographs, and graphics, your message will come across better.

As well as working quickly, carefully, and as expected, the site should also function properly. Building to web standards, proofreading rigorously, and regularly testing speed and functionality issues.

A website’s first or only impression could be any page, so it should always be fast and functional. Poorly constructed, broken, or slow areas cause frustration and discourage visitors.

3. User friendly

Every time users visit the site, and visitors are in a rush. Give them the information they need without making them work. A well-designed UX (User Experience) will assist visitors in using, understanding, and staying on your site.

Build a clear hierarchy of navigation that is obvious and logical. Maintain consistency in layout and visual cues throughout the site for ease of use.

Your site should benefit both users who are searching for something specific and users who are browsing.

Maintain user engagement by suggesting related content and reducing dead ends with onsite search.

4. Mobile friendly

Nowadays, there are no excuses for a site that does not look good or function properly on any platform.

You can’t predict what devices your next visit will be using because the growth of mobile and tablet devices is not slowing down. You will improve your SEO Rankings and your visitors’ experience by optimizing for mobile.

Web design must be compatible with smartphones, tablets, and phablets to take advantage of the ever-increasing usage of these devices. You will likely lose to your competitors if your website design does not support all screen sizes. Websites designed by web design Brisbane are a good example for mobile friendly sites.

5. Brand identity

The website you create for your company should directly reflect you and your brand. Logos printed materials and brick-and-mortar locations should all create an automatic visual connection. A good website also represents your brand identity.

When your website accomplishes this, it adds to your brand’s memorability and enhances your business’s credibility and image.

6. SEO

Your website may be the best in your field, but if people can’t locate it, it won’t help you much.

In the long run, free organic search traffic is more cost-efficient and effective than advertising to drive visitors to your website.

Search engines like Google are the most popular search engines people use to find information online.

You want your company to be found on the first page of the search results since that’s where they find what they’re looking for. SEO is the key factor for coming on the top pages. SEO Sunshine Coast can audit your site and highlight areas to improve.


The content and design of a website should complement each other. Creating great content can help convert visitors into customers by using compelling language.

Websites can be the most valuable source of clients for your business. They should be driven primarily toward bringing in new clients and increasing awareness of your services among your old clients.

By making it easy and enjoyable for your customers to conduct business with you, your website conversion will increase, and you will achieve the success you expect.

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