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5 Benefits Of eTicketing In Public Transport

by Conor Adan

Efforts are being made all around the world to streamline public transportation services through digitalization. With more people relocating to cities and relying on public transportation, there is a need to enhance logistics and make outdated fare collection systems more effective by implementing e-Ticketing.

By eliminating the need for paper tickets (savings on paper and ink) and ticket vending machines, digitalisation can reduce ticketing costs by up to 85%, the yearly savings of which might even be sufficient to purchase a new electric bus, making public transportation even greener.

What Is An eTicket?

An e-ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic ticket used for passenger ticketing. When a customer makes a reservation over the phone or via the Internet, the information is saved on a computer. A hardcopy confirmation can be requested by the customer and mailed to them, but it is not required upon check-in. The passenger is given a confirmation number, as well as transportation information, date, departure location, and destination.

Benefits Of eTicketing

  • It Is A Greener Option

Shifting to eTicketing is more sustainable since there is no need to buy and install new hardware, as almost every traveller has access to a smartphone. eTicketing also eliminates the need for paper tickets and ticket vending machines, making for a greener environment. Travellers need not carry a paper ticket while travelling and hence there is no fear of losing them or forgetting them behind.

  • Savings For The Transport Authority On Ticketing Costs

Cash handling can be a very expensive process. With eTickets, the administrative overhead of creating and delivering thousands of paper tickets and plastic cards to customers is also eliminated, which is a significant task for marketing and operations teams who are frequently under enormous pressure to improve customer satisfaction and increase passenger numbers.

  • Faster Check-in For Passengers

It is well known that paying with cash can cause delays, not to mention the annoyance of fellow passengers who must wait while newcomers rummage through their pockets for coins. Driver validation of mobile tickets is already a well-established practice, and it is currently the quickest method of validating a ticket accessible. Electronic Ticket Machines (ETMs) and QR scanning systems for eTickets can also help speed up check-in, adding to a better customer experience.

  • Experience Customization

Customers will be able to access passenger information such as schedules and departure times from their phones. By conveniently offering this within an app, ideally the same app as the mobile ticket, it lowers the need for drivers to also be customer support agents and avoids slowing down service as the driver moves between his or her many duties. Simultaneously, such information generates fresh marketing chances tailored to specific customer needs.

  • Enhanced Public Health Safety

eTicketing removes the need for drivers to sell tickets and handle cash, which contributes to ensuring public health safety, a high priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is also no need to be concerned about money or having exact change. Customers may buy tickets wherever they are, whether at home or on the go, thanks to the prevalence of free WiFi and inclusive data in mobile plans.

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